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McAfee is a computer security solution software that offers ultimate security to your personal, family as well as business devices. It provides a versatile range of products for home users that works best in enhancing your computing experience. For availing of all these products, you have to move to

  • McAfee Total Protection

This is a comprehensive internet security solution that is a combination of ultimate privacy antivirus, and identity tools. It will help you to fight against the latest as well as emerging viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware attacks. You can protect a number of devices including all your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It protects sensitive files, deletes cookies, provides a shield against hackers and cybercriminals, erases all the digital footprints, and a lot more. You can use this multifaceted privacy protection on up to 10 devices. For knowing more about the product and its offerings as well as to download it by visiting   

  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection

It offers magnificent protection and ultimate credit monitoring and recovery tools that will help you to stay away from cyber threats. This product is available in three tiers i.e. Standard, Plus, and Premium. These packages are made keeping in mind the needs and budget of its users. McAfee Identity Theft Protection keeps its eyes on digital black markets and Dark web for protecting your personal information to get hacked. Along with all these, this McAfee product is packed full of features such as Social Media Monitoring, Smart Metrics, Social Security Number Trace, 24/7 Support, Annual Credit Report, and much more. is a one-stop destination for learning more about this product. 

  • McAfee Gamer Security

For all the Gamers, McAfee is offering a notable product that helps you to enjoy the faster, quieter, and safer gaming experience. With its enhanced technology and renowned security, you can attain the gaming experience that you have never thought of before. Using this product, you can remain secured both online as well as offline. Its MicorAV engine transfers the threat detection to cloud as well as maintains necessary virus definitions on your system to offer you complete security while enjoying online and offline games. Along with this, it also offers Game Boosting Engine and Real Time Performance Monitoring. For better knowledge about this product, you have to visit the “” webpage. 

  • McAfee Safe Connect VPN

To keep the users protected while connecting to public Wi-Fi or open network, McAfee has introduced Safe Connect VPN. This McAfee product uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption that works perfectly on keeping your online information and habits safe. It keeps your data away from prying eyes and hides your IP Address, banking details, location, etc. Using this, you can protect up to 5 devices including PC, Android, and iOS. You can make the purchase of this ultimate software from Also, in case you want to try the product first before purchasing a subscription, then you can also download its free version. 

  • McAfee Safe Family 

With the increase in technology, children have now become a common user of the internet. Due to this, it becomes important for the parents to keep their eyes on their child’s internet usage. For keeping them safe, parents can use parental control software. McAfee Safe Family is one such software that allows the parents to block unwanted websites, track their child’s social media activities, set their screen time, track their location, and a lot more. It will also automatically blocs the age-inappropriate websites and Google search results. This helps to keep your children safe on connecting with the digital world.  

  • McAfee WebAdvisor

This McAfee product provides you protection while browsing and surfing the web without paying extra for it. You will get complete protection against all cyber threats without affecting the performance and experience. It offers remarkable protection by blocking malicious websites you have clicked accidentally. Also, it will scan all the files that you download and alerts you if the file is risky to download. You will also get the feature of a security check. This will ensure that your firewall and antivirus must be activated before you begin online searching. Visit the “” webpage for a better understanding of McAfee WebAdvisor

  • McAfee Mobile Security

Along with computers, it becomes important to protect your mobile devices. In today’s era, mobile phones have most of our personal information. Hence, McAfee is providing its users with Mobile Security software. This is available both for Android and iOS users. Using this, you can keep your data secure and private, stay safe on connecting to a public network, keep your data hide in the app locks, etc. Along with this, it also allows you to locate your lost devices and keep it safe from unauthorized access.